How to end sorcerer’s job training in the shortest without waste

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This page introduces a method to finish skill job training in the shortest.

I referred to this spreadsheet.


All the things to be summarized are summarized in a table. The remaining skills training is provided on a separate page.


Let’s do it in turn from the top


  • NE= Be sure to end it in that phase
  • No.= Please let me finish by the phase number. You can skip it.
  • EN= It means the end.


It is divided by multiple phases.

Skill training not on this page



Let’s check the skills that have finished. The check box check is automatically saved.

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Skill job training

※If the check box is not displayed, please see 「How to end sorcerer’s job training in the shortest without waste」.

Skill Name Monsters to kill for Lv up


Darkness Agression Lv5 10 General Orc (Lv40) 13
Flame Aggression Lv5 30 Sludgemans (Lv20) NE
Thunder Aggression Lv5 30 Blue Newts (Lv30) 8
Demon Proficiency Lv5 25 Mist Sorcerers (Lv30) 24
Fulmination Lv7 30 Shield Goblins (Lv5) 6
Levin Lv7 10 Armored Cyclops (Lv35) 20
Flame Aggression Lv6 6 Armored Cyclops (Lv25) EN
Chorus Lv5 30 Skeleton Sorcerer (Lv48) 25
Cursed Proficiency Lv5 50 Skeleton Sorcerers (Lv30) 6
Ice Aggression Lv5 20 Rogue Mages (Lv20) NE
Human Proficiency Lv5 20 Rogue Mages (Lv10) 18
Comestion Lv7 30 Orc Soldiers (Lv10) 8
Ice Aggression Lv6 30 Grimwargs (Lv30) EN
Clear Mind Lv5 40 Grimwargs (Lv40) 22
Comfortable Glide Lv5 20 Deep Slimes (Lv5) 9
Gicel Lv7 50 Damned Goblins (Lv46) NE
Gicel Lv7 30 Frost Corpse Torturers (Lv46) NE
Devil Delicacy Lv5 8 Shadow Chimeras (Lv55) 17
Devil Delicacy Lv5 5 Giga Machinas (Lv56) 17
Gicel Lv8 30 Empress Ghosts (Lv46) NE
Gicel Lv8 50 Ghost Mails (Lv46) NE
Enduring Levitation Lv5 20 Ghost Mails (Lv60) EN
Equanimity Lv5 60 Direwolves (Lv20) NE
Fulmination Lv8 50 Forest Goblins (Lv10) 8
Cursed Proficiency Lv6 10 Ents (Lv30) EN
Break Formation Lv5 30 Skeletons (Lv10) 10
Frigor Lv7 30 Skeleton Mage (Lv15) 12
Equanimity Lv6 40 Skeleton Mage (Lv10) EN
Gicel Lv9 12 Alchemy Griffins (Lv50) 26
Comestion Lv8 5 Rock Saurian Spinels (Lv20) 15
Comestion Lv8 30 Rock Saurians (Lv20) 15
Fulmination Lv9 30 Orb Enemies (Lv10) 17
Thunder Aggression Lv6 30 Orb Enemies (Lv25) EN
Wrath Lv5 50 Orb Enemies (Lv46) 10
Fire Storm Lv7 20 Brute Apes (Lv10) NE
Comfortable Glide Lv6 25 Brute Apes (Lv10) EN
Gicel Lv9 12 Goliaths (Lv50) 26
Witch Lv5 8 Goliaths (Lv56) 25
Human Proficiency Lv5 20 Merudoga Mages (Lv50) 18
Wrath Lv6 30 Merudoga Mages (Lv50) EN
Fire Storm Lv8 30 Saurians (Lv10) NE
Fire Storm Lv8 10 Giant Saurians (Lv15) NE
Break Formation Lv6 20 Giant Saurians (Lv10) EN
Fire Storm Lv9 60 Slimes (Lv1) 13
Fire Storm Lv9 30 Mudmans (Lv10) 13
Black Haze Lv7 30 Mudmans (Lv10) 14
Chorus Lv5 10 Death Knight (Lv56) 25
Prominent Sphere Lv7 5 Dead Knight (Lv56) 17
Frigor Lv8 25 Alchemized Skeleton (Lv15) NE
Continued Chant Lv5 30 Alchemized Skeletons (Lv10) 14
Holy Agression Lv5 50 Alchemized Skeletons (Lv46) NE
Holy Agression Lv6 20 Crystal Eyes (Lv46) EN
Holy Agression Lv6 20 Emerald Eyes (Lv46) EN
Darkness Agression Lv6 10 Wights (Lv40) EN
Fire Storm Lv10 20 Wights (Lv15) EN
Frigor Lv9 20 Wights (Lv15) 19
Cursed Safeguard Lv5 20 Wights (Lv30) 19
Seism Lv7 10 Trolls (Lv20) NE
Continued Chant Lv6 6 Trolls (Lv15) EN
Black Haze Lv8 20 Hobgoblins (Lv15) NE
Black Haze Lv8 20 Goblin Bombers (Lv20) NE
Black Haze Lv9 10 Dread Apes (Lv15) NE
Comestion Lv9 12 Dread Apes (Lv15) 21
Seism Lv8 30 Orc Snipers (Lv30) 19
Crescent Blade Lv7 30 Redcaps (Lv8) NE
Seism Lv8 10 Captain Orcs (Lv30) 19
Human Safeguard Lv5 15 Captain Orcs (Lv40) 24
Black Haze Lv10 18 Cyclops (Lv15) EN
Crescent Blade Lv8 10 Cyclops (Lv20) 21
Prominent Sphere Lv7 5 Cyclops (Lv56) NE
Demon Safeguard Lv5 10 Chimeras (Lv30) 19
Fulmination Lv10 5 Chimeras (Lv20) EN
Darkness Mist Lv7 8 Chimeras (Lv40) 20
Bolide Lv7 8 Chimeras (Lv30) NE
Prominent Sphere Lv8 5 Chimeras (Lv56) 25
Prominent Sphere Lv8 5 Nightmares (Lv58) 25
Devil Delicacy Lv6 10 Nightmares (Lv56) EN
Human Proficiency Lv6 8 Damned Golems (Lv56) EN
Magic Cover Lv5 8 Damned Golems (Lv46) NE
Bolide Lv8 10 Colossi (Lv30) NE
Spirit Chant Lv5 8 Colossi (Lv40) 21
Bolide Lv9 10 Lindwurms (Lv30) 26
Demon Safeguard Lv6 5 Lindwurms (Lv30) EN
Seism Lv9 10 Sphinxs (Lv20) 20
Continued Glide Lv5 5 Sphinxs (Lv40) NE
Frigor Lv10 12 Sphinxs (Lv20) EN
Magic Cover Lv6 10 Sphinxes (Lv46) EN
Devil Delicacy Lv6 10 Sphinxes (Lv46) EN
Cursed Safeguard Lv6 5 Sphinxs (Lv40) EN
Continued Glide Lv6 5 Griffins (Lv40) EN
Levin Lv8 5 Griffins (Lv40) 22
Witch Lv5 8 Behemots (Lv56) 25
Seism Lv10 3 Behemoths (Lv35) EN
Darkness Mist Lv8 5 Behemothes (Lv40) 23
Levin Lv8 10 Ogres (Lv30) 22
Comestion Lv10 10 Ogres (Lv20) EN
Crescent Blade Lv9 12 Ogres (Lv25) 24
Spirit Chant Lv6 20 Orc Troopers (Lv40) EN
Wrath Lv6 30 Bandit Mages (Lv46) EN
Graceful Chant Lv5 10 Witches (Lv40) 24
Darkness Mist Lv8 5 Witches (Lv40) NE
Human Proficiency Lv6 5 Ghouls (Lv52) EN
Levin Lv9 3 Ghouls (Lv40) 24
Clear Mind Lv6 5 Ghouls (Lv40) EN
Clear Mind Lv6 10 Maul Trolls (Lv40) EN
Levin Lv9 6 Mole Trolls (Lv40) NE
Darkness Mist Lv9 30 Harpies (Lv40) 26
Darkness Mist Lv9 10 Cockatrices (Lv40) 26
Demon Booster Lv5 8 Cockatrices (Lv46) 25
Spirit Chant Lv6 5 Cockatrice (Lv40) EN
Levin Lv10 5 White Chimeras (Lv40) EN
Graceful Chant Lv6 5 White Chimeras (Lv40) EN
Crescent Blade Lv10 10 Golems (Lv30) EN
Demon Proficiency Lv6 5 Golems (Lv30) EN
Human Safeguard Lv6 6 Golems (Lv30) EN
Chorus Lv6 8 Angules (Lv56) EN
Demon Booster Lv6 10 Angules (Lv46) EN
Levin Lv10 5 Angules (Lv40) EN
Witch Lv6 8 Drakes (Lv60) EN
Prominent Sphere Lv9 5 Drakes (Lv60) NE
Prominent Sphere Lv9 5 Wyrms (Lv60) NE
Witch Lv6 8 Wyrms (Lv60) EN
Darkness Mist Lv10 10 Elder Dragons (Lv45) EN
Bolide Lv10 10 Elder Dragons (Lv40) EN
Graceful Chant Lv6 5 Elder Dragons (Lv40) EN
Darkness Mist Lv10 5 Grand Ents (Lv45) EN
Gicel Lv10 10 Mogoks (Lv55) EN
Gicel Lv10 5 Zuhls (Lv55) EN
Prominent Sphere Lv10 5 Zuhls (Lv60) EN
Prominent Sphere Lv10 5 Golgorans (Lv60) EN

Important point

Let’s not forget to report to the job master after clearing.

If you become popular you can also make other jobs so please spread.


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